Highway Contact Info

  • Ralph Warren

  • Highway Superintendent/Heavy Equipment Operator
  • home icon 40 Seneca St
  •       Dundee, NY 14837
  • phone icon (607) 243-7318
  • phone icon (607) 243-7764
  • fax icon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Quinn Sutherland

  • Deputy Highway Superintendent/Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Additional Employees
  • Fred Cratsley
  • Motor Equipment Operator Light
  • Jason Trank
  • Motor Equipment Operator Light
  • Randy Abbey
  • Motor Equipment Operator Light
  • Office Hours

  • Monday - Thursday
  • 6:00am - 4:00pm

The Responsibilities of the Highway Department -----The Highway crew is responsible for the maintenance, repair and upkeep of all Town roads, ditches, signs, and all surface and subsurface drainage systems to provide for safe vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This inculdes snow removal, mowing, ditching, and general road repairs and maintenance.



Is the Ditch Dirt availabe to the residents? Yes, depending on the location to minimize hauling. Please complete the Highway request form.

How do I get my culvert pipe replaced? Please complete the Highway request form.

Is the mulch at the Highway barn availabe for residents to have? Yes, Please complete the Highway request form.

Will the highway department load mulch? Yes, Please complete the Highway request form.