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pdf (Zoning Book 2022) LL 2022-1 Repealing the Town of Stakey Zoning Ordinance and Replacing with the Adoption of New Zoning Regulations.pdf Popular
pdf LL 1971-1 Snowmobiles.pdf Popular
pdf LL 1980-1 prior written notice.pdf Popular
pdf LL 1989-1 (Control, Confining & Leashing of dogs).pdf Popular
pdf LL 1989-1 (Games of Chance).pdf Popular
pdf LL 1992-1 (Junk storage).pdf Popular
pdf LL 1999-1 Amending LL 1989-1 Control, Confining and Leashing of Dogs.pdf Popular
pdf LL 1999-2 Display of Property Address number. Private and Public.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2001-1 exemption (in part) from real property taxes owned by persons sixty-five yrs or older.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2003-1 Flood Damage Prevention.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2005-1 Term of Office for Supervisor and Town Clerk-Tax Collector from 2yr to 4 yr term.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2007-1 Unsafe or Dangerous Buildings and Mechanical Equipment.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2007-2 Administration and Enforcement of the NYS Uniform and Fire Prevention Code.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2009-1 Granting partial exemption from real property taxation for certain persons who are 65 years of age or older.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2009-2 Reimbursement of Fees and Expenses for planning. engineering. legal. admin review of projects-TB.PB.ZBA.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2010-1 Dog Licensing.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2011-1 recind LL 1-1997 to change date on Town of Starkey Board of Assessment Review.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2011-2 Sludge disposal.pdf Popular
pdf LL 2011-4 to override the limit on the amount of real property tases that may be levied by the Town of Starkey.pdf
pdf LL 2012-1 Moratorium and Prohibition within Town-Natural Gas. Petroleum- Exploration. Extraction. Storage. Disposal.pdf